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Meet an established and active offer driven online community with real consumers. RAVEN5 has partnered with them to bring you the opportunity to reach consumers interested in:


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Male 34% Female 64%


Millennials (18-34) 12%
Gen X (35-50) 59%
Boomers (51-69) 23%
Silent (70-97) 5%


Canada 60% USA 40%



Email Deployment Pricing

Deploy emails to our database of just over 105,000. All email deployment schedules include full reporting. Information includes opens, bounces, and clicks. Additional email services and lists are available as sponsored emails lease and rental. Processes include list rental, list cleansing and list testing.

Email List Size 10M 25M 50M 100M
Cost $599 $999 $1,599 $2,499
Account Setup, Email Creative & Development +$150 +$150 +$150 +$150


Homepage Featured Banner*

Get¬†your offer featured on Black Flag Deals’ homepage – your advertisement will be the first thing visitors see. You can purchase a featured banner for one to three months at a time.

1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
$500 $800 $1,000


Facebook Cover Sponsor*

Facebook cover photos are one of the first things any visitor sees as they come to your page. We’ll customize a cover photo with your logo and messaging and display it on our Facebook page¬†for one to three months at a time.

1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
$500 $800 $1,000


Social Posting*

We offer writing services for blogs, emails, Facebook and Twitter posts. It’s estimated that 20% of all businesses now have some sort of blog. A blog is part of most marketing strategies today, and it’s suggested that one quarter of all blogs currently use outside blogging services. We have a wide variety of professional bloggers and writers that can ensure your message is delivered practically and seamlessly. All social media posting schedules include full metrics reporting. If more time is required, please contact us directly for special pricing.

Daily Posting 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
1 x Facebook
3 x Twitter
$500 $800 $1,100


Google Display Ads

We are proud to be a member of the Google-certified Display Network. If you would like to display your ads on our sites, go to or follow these instructions:

1. Open your Google AdWords account

2. Create a new ad campaign.

3. Enter your “Campaign Name”.

4. Choose the custom location and language properties based on your advertising preferences.

5. In the Networks and Devices section, click “Let me choose…” in the Networks area.
5b. Deselect “Google Search”
5c. In the Display area, click “Show Ads only on pages that match all selected targeting methods”.

6. In the Bidding and Budget section, select your manual or automatic budget preference and enter your budget information.

7. Save the settings and continue to creating your Ad Group.

8. Enter Ad Group Name.

9. Enter ad information: Headline / Description / URL information.

10. In the Placements section, click “Select Managed Placements”.

11. In the textbox, enter the URL of the property you’d like to advertise on (

12. Save your ad group.

Congratulations! You are now part of the Black Flag Deals team. Don’t forget to select your ad preferences including size, display, content and frequency to help optimize your advertising clickthrough rate.


Special Offer *

With this special offer, we’re including 1 single message email, a monthly social social posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll post twice a week on Facebook/Instagram, and on Twitter daily.

1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
$1,700 $2,500 $3,000

*Client provides logo. Writing, design and development included with all services.

To advertise with Black Flag Deals, send an email to to get in touch with our sales team or call 1-855-543-8345 x700.